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1) After installation, both the consumer and or business can create their own unique login details. This will ensure security, especially for businesses.

2) Our app is free of charge for the consumer and businesses can advertise free of charge for the 1st 12 months.

3) Either choose to be listed under:

  • Business Listing
  • Special Listing

The item listed under the special listing must be a special on that particular day as special listing is listed above normal business listings

4) The business have full control over it’s own advert being;

  • Wording
  • Pictures
  • Day of advert
  • To list the advert as an once – off OR to be repeated on a weekly basis
  • Type of advert it is ( either business of special )

5) The business also have full access to it’s own business information to change or amend at any given time  being;

  • Physical Address
  • Contact details
  • URL link
  • Email address

Businesses can setup their own add campaign that will run from day to day, to weekly, to monthly or to yearly, thus reducing advertising administration.

The adverts is UP TO DATE being that the App is updated at midnight every day, so any changes made will get updated at midnight. Comparing that to printed advertising, changes can only be made in the next print run which can weeks before your add is visible.

6) Businesses also have the 7 day details information page that end users / consumers can use and or see that gives a 7 day forecast of the daily listing for that particular business. So if no special is run for that particular day the end user / consumer will be able to see if any specials is available within the next 7 day period.